Fibre Optics

HE Network Solutions will design and install Fibre Optic cables to suit your requirements.

Singlemode, multimode(om1 and om2) with a variety of terminations to suit your equipment.

We can install from new or we can add to or repair an existing installation. All fibre optics are with your choice of connectors and length. Fujikura manufactures all our splicing and testing equipment.

We specialise in all types of fibre optic cable installations from B series tight buffer type with direct crimp or resin terminations to all loose tube type with fusion splice pigtail terminations. All systems O.T.D.R tested and certified.

Fibre Optic cables have many advantages over conventional copper cables:

These include being lighter and easier for installations, smaller in size than normal copper cables and have immunity to electrical interference.

Blown Fibre

Brand-Rex Blolite system is an exceptional flexible and cost effective optical communications system designed for both backbone and fibre to the desk.

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